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1980 January Politics in the subcontinent

Spiral Binding

1980 February China in Transition  Spiral Binding 
1980  March  Superpower Relations in the Eighties  Spiral Binding
1980  April  Zimbabwe Fallout  Spiral Binding
1980  May  Islamic Revivalism  Spiral Binding
1980  June  Southeast Asia  Spiral Binding
1980  July  Nonproliferation Treaty  Spiral Binding
1980  August  Arab- Israel Conflict  Spiral Binding
1980  September  Nonaligned Movement  Spiral Binding
1980  October  U.S. Elections  Spiral Binding
1980  November/December  Indian Foreign Policy  Spiral Binding
1981  January  Indian Ocean  Spiral Binding
1981  February  European Security  Spiral Binding
1981  March  Pakistan Today  Spiral Binding
1981  April  New International Economic Order  Spiral Binding
1981  May  Organisation of African Unity  Spiral Binding
1981  June  Must India Have The Bomb  Spiral Binding
1981  July  Law of the Sea  Spiral Binding
1981  August  Indian-China Relations   Spiral Binding
1981  September  United Nations  Spiral Binding
1981  October  European Economic Community  Spiral Binding
1981  November/December  Indian Security  Spiral Binding
1982  January  New Information order  Spiral Binding
1982  February  One Year of Reagan  Spiral Binding
1982  March  South Asian Cooperation  Spiral Binding
1982  April  Disarmament  Spiral Binding
1982  May  Latin America  Spiral Binding
1982  June  Sino-soviet Reactions  Spiral Binding
1982  July  Bangladesh  Spiral Binding
1982  August  Energy outlook  Spiral Binding
1982  September  Gulf Security  Spiral Binding
1982  October  East Europe  Spiral Binding
1982  November/December  India and The Superpowers  Spiral Binding
1983  January  International law Today  Spiral Binding
1983  February  The African Scene  Spiral Binding
1983  March  Environment  Spiral Binding
1983  April  Nonaligned Movement After Seventh Summit Tasks Spiral Binding
1983  May  Palestine Question  Spiral Binding
1983  June  Namibia  Spiral Binding
1983  July  Human Rights  Spiral Binding
1983  August  The Second Cold War  Spiral Binding
1983  September  Iran-Iraq War  Spiral Binding
1983  October  One Year oF Andropov  Spiral Binding
1983  November/December  South Asia Today  Spiral Binding
1984  January  World Food Security  Spiral Binding
1984  February  League of Arab States  Spiral Binding
1984  March  Succession in the Kremlin  Spiral Binding
1984  April  Afghanistan  Spiral Binding
1984  May  World Trade  Spiral Binding
1984  June  China’s Foreign Policy  Spiral Binding
1984  July  Pakistan And The Bomb  Spiral Binding
1984  August  Neocolonialism  Spiral Binding
1984  September  Sri Lanka Today  Spiral Binding
1984  October  India and Africa  Spiral Binding
1984  November/December  Building of the Indian Nation State  Spiral Binding
1985 January  Reagan’s Foreign Policy  Spiral Binding 
1985  February  World Populations  Spiral Binding 
1985  March  Antarctica  Spiral Binding 
1985  April  Center America  Spiral Binding 
1985  May  African Economic Scene  Spiral Binding 
1985  June  Non-Proliferation Treaty  Spiral Binding 
1985  July  New Delhi-Moscow-Washington  Spiral Binding 
1985  August  United NATIONS  Spiral Binding 
1985  September  Selection From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1985  October  Arab World Today  Spiral Binding 
1985  November/December  India And Its  Naighbours   Spiral Binding 
1986  January  The Importance of Being Gorbachey  Spiral Binding 
1986  February  Terrorism  Spiral Binding 
1986  March  Multinationals  Spiral Binding 
1986  April  Southern Africa Today  Spiral Binding 
1986  May  Nonaligned Movement  Spiral Binding 
1986  June  Asian Security  Spiral Binding 
1986  July  Whither Arab World  Spiral Binding 
1986  August  Indian Ocean  Spiral Binding 
1986  September  Selection From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1986  October  The commonwealth Today  Spiral Binding 
1986  November/December  India And The World  Spiral Binding 
1987  January  South- East Asia   Spiral Binding 
1987  February  Latin America  Spiral Binding 
1987  March  External Debt  Spiral Binding 
1987  April  Indo-soviet Relations   Spiral Binding 
1987  May  Chin Today 1987 June Racism    Spiral Binding 
1987  June  RACIM  Spiral Binding 
1987  July/August  Selection From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1987  September  Indian Overseas  Spiral Binding 
1987  October  Disarmament and Development  Spiral Binding 
1987  November/December  India At Forty  Spiral Binding 
1988  January  United Nations And Decolonisation   Spiral Binding 
1988  February  Nicaragua Today  Spiral Binding 
1988  March North Africa  Spiral Binding 
1988  April  World Economy  Spiral Binding 
1988  May  Super Power Relations  Spiral Binding 
1988  June Kampuchea Problem  Spiral Binding 
1988  July Sir Lanka Today  Spiral Binding 
1988  August Selection From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1988  September Independent Palestine  Spiral Binding 
1988  Oct./Nov./Dec. Gorbachev’s Reforms  Spiral Binding 
1989  January SAARC  Spiral Binding 
1989  February  Asia – Pacific Region  Spiral Binding 
1989  March/April  Origination of African unity  Spiral Binding 
1989  May  Oil Crisis  Spiral Binding 
1989  June  Nonaligned Movement  Spiral Binding 
1989  July  Pakistan Today  Spiral Binding 
1989  August  China in turmoil  Spiral Binding 
1989  September  Selection From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1989  October  World Bank, IMF  Spiral Binding 
1989  November/December  Jawaharal Nehru   Spiral Binding 
1990  January  South – South  Cooperation   Spiral Binding 
1990  February/March  Independent   Namibia  Spiral Binding 
1990  April  Soviet Union  Spiral Binding 
1990  May  Nonaligned  Movement  Spiral Binding 
1990  June  South Africa  Spiral Binding 
1990  July/August  East  Europe  Spiral Binding 
1990  September  Democratic  Nepal  Spiral Binding 
1990  October  Cambodian Imbroglio   Spiral Binding 
1990  November/December  South Asia Today  Spiral Binding 
1991  January  Environmental  Pollution  Spiral Binding 
1991  February  Détente and Africa  Spiral Binding 
1991  March  United  States  And  Third  World  Spiral Binding 
1991  April/May  Arab World Today  Spiral Binding 
1991  June  Latin America  Spiral Binding 
1991  July  Unifications   Spiral Binding 
1991  August  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1991  September/October  Demise of USSR  Spiral Binding 
1991  November/December  India’s Foreign Policy   Spiral Binding 
1992  January  Myanmar   Spiral Binding 
1992  February  Global Economic Liberalisation  Spiral Binding 
1992  March  Human Rights  Spiral Binding 
1992  April  Germany  Spiral Binding 
1992  May  United Nations  Spiral Binding 
1992  June  Dunkel Proposals  Spiral Binding 
1992  July  Pakistan Today   Spiral Binding 
1992  August  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1992  September/October  Europe - 1992  Spiral Binding 
1992  November/December  The End of Cold War  Spiral Binding 
1993  January  Developing World’s DEBT  Spiral Binding 
1993  February  Multiparty Democracy in Africa  Spiral Binding 
1993  March/April  Central Asia   Spiral Binding 
1993  May  Non-Proliferation Treaty  Spiral Binding 
1993  June  South Africa   Spiral Binding 
1993  July  SAARC Today  Spiral Binding 
1993  August  Israel Today  Spiral Binding 
1993  September  Selections from World Focus Spiral Binding 
1993  October  Yugoslav Break-Up  Spiral Binding 
1993  November/December  India and its Neighbours  Spiral Binding 
1994  January  Japan Today   Spiral Binding 
1994  February  The South  Spiral Binding 
1994  March  India and South Africa  Spiral Binding 
1994  Aril/May  Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflicts  Spiral Binding 
1994  June  Palestinian Self—Rule  Spiral Binding 
1994  July  Post-Cold War NATO  Spiral Binding 
1994  August  Selections from World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1994  September  The Law of the Sea  Spiral Binding 
1994  October  United Nations Peace—Keepin  Spiral Binding 
1994  November/December  India and the World  Spiral Binding 
1995 January  India, Mexico  Spiral Binding 
1995  February/March  Religious Fundamentalism  Spiral Binding 
1995  April  Post-Soviet Russian Federation  Spiral Binding 
1995  May  Non-Proliferation Treaty  Spiral Binding 
1995  June  Group Seven (G-7)  Spiral Binding 
1995  July  Indian Ocean Rim  Spiral Binding 
1995  August  Selection from World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1995  September  United Nation At Fifty   Spiral Binding 
1995  Oct./Nov./Dec.  New World Order  Spiral Binding 
1996 January Asian  Tigers Spiral Binding 
1996 February  Comprehensive  Test  Ban  Treaty  Spiral Binding 
1996  March  Contemporary  Africa  Spiral Binding 
1996  April  China  And  The  World  Spiral Binding 
1996  May  World  Trade  Organisation  Spiral Binding 
1996  June  Us  Foreign   Policy  Spiral Binding 
1996  July  SAARC  And  SAPTA  Spiral Binding 
1996  August  Selections  From World  Focus  Spiral Binding 
1996  September  Food Security  Spiral Binding 
1996  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  Indian Foreign  Policy  Spiral Binding 
1997  January Middle East  Peace  Process  Spiral Binding 
1997  February   Pakistan Today   Spiral Binding 
1997  March   Indian Nuclear Option  Spiral Binding 
1997  April   Indian Ocean  Rim  Spiral Binding 
1997  May  Russian Resurgence  Spiral Binding 
1997  June  India’s Look –East Policy  Spiral Binding 
1997  July  Non – Aligned Movement  Spiral Binding 
1997  August  Europe Turning Left  Spiral Binding 
1997  September  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1997  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  India And The United Nations  Spiral Binding 
1998  January  China And Its  Problems Spiral Binding 
1998  February  The Information Age  Spiral Binding 
1998  March  Central Asia  Today  Spiral Binding 
1998  April European Union   Spiral Binding 
1998  May Population Explosion  Spiral Binding 
1998  June\July Nuclear   India,   Pakistan  Spiral Binding 
1998  August Selections  From  World  Focus  Spiral Binding 
1998  September  East  Asian  Economic  Crisis   Spiral Binding 
1998  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  The New Millennium - Agenda For India  Spiral Binding 
1998  Junuary  World  Refugee  Problem  Spiral Binding 
1999 February  Indo – Us  Relations  Spiral Binding 
1999  March  Expansion Of  NATO  Spiral Binding 
1999  April  Religious  Fundamentalism  Spiral Binding 
1999  May  Germany Under  SPD  Spiral Binding 
1999  June\July  Pakistani Blunder  In  Kargil  Spiral Binding 
1999  August  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding 
1999  September  Middle East Peace Process  Spiral Binding 
1999  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  Indian Foreign Policy  Spiral Binding 
2000  January  International Terrorism  Spiral Binding 
2000  February China At Fifty  Spiral Binding 
2000  March  Africa Into The 21st Century  Spiral Binding 
2000  April  Indian Nuclear Doctrine  Spiral Binding 
2000  May  Euro And European Union  Spiral Binding  
2000  June\July  Indo –Us Relations Spiral Binding  
2000  August  Central Asia Today  Spiral Binding  
2000  September  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding  
2000  Oct.\Sep.\Dec.  South Asia At Crossroads  Spiral Binding  
2001  January   Human Rights  Spiral Binding  
2001  February  Russia And The World  Spiral Binding  
2001  March  Indian Diaspora  Spiral Binding  
2001  April  China And The World  Spiral Binding  
2001  May\June  The SAARC  Spiral Binding  
2001  July  Towards Nuclear Disarmament  Spiral Binding  
2001  August  Un War Crimes Tribunals  Spiral Binding  
2001  September  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding
2001  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  India Pakistan Relation  Spiral Binding  
2002  January  Islamic World And Terrorism  Spiral Binding  
2002  February  Indian National Security  Spiral Binding  
2002  March  Palestine Israel Conflict  Spiral Binding  
2002  April\May  Prospects Of Democracy In Pakistan  Spiral Binding  
2002  June  Central Asia And The World  Spiral Binding  
2002  July\August  One Year After September11  Spiral Binding  
2002  September  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding  
2002 Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  Jammu And Kashmir  Spiral Binding  
2003  January  India Russia Relations  Spiral Binding  
2003  February  Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  Spiral Binding  
2003  March  Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)   Spiral Binding  
2003  April\May  Us Foreign Policy Under Bush  Spiral Binding  
2003  June  United Nations  Spiral Binding  
2003  July  India China Relations  Spiral Binding  
2003  August  Afghanistan Update  Spiral Binding  
2003  September  Selections From World Focus  Spiral Binding  
2003  Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  India And The World  Spiral Binding  
2004 January  Post-Saddam Iraq  Spiral Binding  
2004  February  Iraq and its Future  Spiral Binding  
2004  March  Inside Pakistan  Spiral Binding  
2004  April\May  US Elections 2004  Spiral Binding  
2004  June  SAARC Today  Spiral Binding  
2004  July  Enlarged European Union  Spiral Binding  
2004  August  Selections from World Focus  Spiral Binding  
2004  September  India- ASEAN Relations   Spiral Binding  
2004 Oct.\Nov.\Dec.  Foreign Policy of the UPA Government  Spiral Binding  
2005  January  China and South Asia  Spiral Binding  
2005  February  Iraq and Its Future  Spiral Binding  
2005  March  Inside Pakistan  Spiral Binding  
2005  April  India-Russia-China Spiral Binding  
2005  May  Palestine After Arafat   Spiral Binding  
2005  June/July  India and Japan  Spiral Binding  
2005  August  Iran Today  Spiral Binding  
2005  September  Selections from World Focus  Spiral Binding  
2005  Oct./Nov./Dec.  Asian Security  Spiral Binding  
2006 January  Sri Lanka at Crossroads  Spiral Binding  
2006  February  Turbulent Bangladesh  Spiral Binding  
2006  March  China Today  Spiral Binding  
2006  April  India's Look East Policy  Spiral Binding  
2006  May  Changing Nepal  Spiral Binding  
2006  June  Iran's Quest For WMD ?  Spiral Binding  
2006  July  Pakistan: Fault Lines  Spiral Binding  
2006  August  Managing India's Land Bord  Spiral Binding  
2006  September  Afghanistan in Transition  Spiral Binding  
2006  October  Baluchistan Repeat of 1971 ?  Spiral Binding  
2006  November/December  Dealing with India's Internal Security  Spiral Binding  
2007  January   Pakistan Occupied Kashmir   Spiral Binding  
2007  February  Persian Gulf  Spiral Binding  
2007  March  Changing China  Spiral Binding  
2007  April  Stalemate in Bangladesh  Spiral Binding 
2007  May  Sri Lanka: War or Peace ?    Spiral Binding 
2007  June  New Face of Myanmar  Spiral Binding 
2007  July  Nepal in Transition   Spiral Binding 
2007  August  Role of the US in South Asia  Spiral Binding 
2007  September  Indian Perceptions on European Union  Spiral Binding 
2007  October  Indian Ocean: Issues and Challenges   Spiral Binding 
2007  November/December  India’s Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change Spiral Binding 
2008  January  BIMSTEC   Spiral Binding 
2008  February  Persian Gulf  Spiral Binding 
2008  March  China  Spiral Binding 
2008  April  Tibet Uprising  Spiral Binding 
2008  May  SAARC  Spiral Binding 
2008  June  Emerging Trends in Pakistan  Spiral Binding 
2008  July  Indo-US Relations  Spiral Binding 
2008  August  Changing Russia  Spiral Binding 
2008  September  Nepal in Transition  Spiral Binding 
2008  October  Srilanka Elusive Peace  Spiral Binding 
2008  November/December  India’s Foreign Policy:Issues & Challenges  Spiral Binding 
2009  January  Japan in World Affairs  Bound Volume
2009 February  Chile: Democracy & Development  Bound Volume
2009  March  China  Bound Volume
2009  April  Pakistan  Bound Volume
2009  May  India and West Asia: Development Perspectives Bound Volume
2009  June  NAM: India & Egypt  Bound Volume
2009  July  Developments in Sri Lanka  Bound Volume
2009  August  Central Asia: The Global Flashpoint  Bound Volume
2009  September  Environment & Sustainable Development  Bound Volume
2009  October  India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA)  Bound Volume
2009  November/December  Dynamics of India’s Foreign Policy  Bound Volume
2010  January  Af-Pak: Anti-Terror Strategies  Bound Volume
2010  February  Changing Bangladesh: New Leap Forward  Bound Volume
2010  March  Climate Change: Beyond Copenhagen  Bound Volume
2010  April  US & South Asia  Bound Volume
2010  May  India: An Economic Power  Bound Volume
2010  June  Why is Gandhi relevant even today ?  Bound Volume
2010  July  Revisioning SAARC  Bound Volume 
2010  August  Russia in the changing World  Bound Volume 
2010  September  China Today  Bound Volume 
2010  October  Re-whetting India’s Look East Policy  Bound Volume 
2010  November/Dcember  Emerging India’s Foreign Policy  Bound Volume
2011  January  Rabindranath Tagore  Bound Volume 
2011  February  Buddhism in the Contemporary World  Bound Volume 
2011  March  Disaster Management in India  Bound Volume 
2011  April  South China Sea Dispute: Emerging Developments  Bound Volume 
2011  May  India & Neighbours (Series One)  Bound Volume 
2011  June  India’s Neighbourhood Policy (Series-Two) Bound Volume 
2011  July  US Policy Responses to Developments in the Arab World Bound Volume 
2011  August  Mahatma Gandhi & Gandhism  Bound Volume 
2011  September  Contemporary China  Bound Volume 
2011  October  Re-emergence of Russia in the horizon?  Bound Volume 
2011  November/December   India’s Foreign Policy: Perspectives & Prospects  Bound Volume 
2012  January  Pakistan at Crossroads  Spiral/Hardcopy  
2012  February  Growing Indo-Bangladesh Relations  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2012  March  SAARC & India  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2012  April  Re-energizing India-Nepal Relations (Series I)  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  May  Nepal in Transition (Series II)  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  June  Changing Equations in Asia-Pacific & ASEAN Region  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  July  Contemporary Korean Peninsula  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  August  Swami Vivekananda’s Vision  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2012  September  China Today  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2012  October  A Glance at India’s Economic Growth  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  November  UPA & India’s Foreign Policy (Series-1)  Spiral/Hardcopy
2012  December  UPA & India’s Foreign Policy (Series-2)  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  January  Asian Maritime Diplomacy  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  February  India & European Union  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  March  Energy Security: Indian Perspectives  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  April  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar & Social Justice  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  May  Environment and Sustainable Development  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  June  India & West Asia  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  July  India & Neighbours  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  August  M.N. Roy: The Veteran Indian Internationalist  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  September  India and Afghanistan  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  October  India & Myanmar Relations  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  November  Global Governance & Decentralization  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2013  December  India’s Foreign Policy  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  January  Indian Diaspora  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  February  Climate Change  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  March  China in a Changing World Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  April  Philosophical Thoughts of Buddha, Gandhi & Dr. Ambedkar  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  May  Ethics & Indian Civilizational Thought: Global Implication  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  June  India & ASEAN  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  July  Disaster Management in India  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  August  India’s Economic Growth  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  September  India & Neighbours  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  October  India’s Quest for Energy Security  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014  November  India’s New Foreign Policy (Series-1)  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2014 December  India’s New Foreign Policy (Series-2)  Spiral/Hardcopy 
2015  January  Oil Diplomacy in Central Asia & West Asia  Hard Copy 
2015  February  Environmental Diplomacy and Sustainable Development  Hard Copy 
2015  March  Makers of Modern India  Hard Copy 
2015  April  India’s Economic Diplomacy  Hard Copy 
2015  May  Energy Security Needs of Rising India  Hard Copy 
2015  June  India & China Ralations  Hard Copy 
2015  July  Confilct Zones of the World  Hard Copy 
2015  August  India and Neighbour  Spiral Binding 
2015  September  Regional Diplomacy : SAARC, ASEAN,& BRICS  Spiral Binding 
2015  October  Climate change  Hard Copy 
2015  November  India’s New Foreign Policy (Series-1)  Hard Copy 
2015  December  India’s New Foreign Policy (Series-2)  Hard Copy 
2016  January  Politics of Oil: West Asia and Central Asia  Hard Copy 
2016  February  Terrorism and Geopolitic  Hard Copy 
2016  March  India and East Asia  Hard Copy 
2016  April  India and Neighbours  Hard Copy 
2016  May  Disaster Management  Hard Copy 
2016  June  Global turmoil:  Peace and Conflict Management   Hard Copy 
2016  July  Ethics in the Contemporary World  Hard Copy 
2016  August  India and Neighbours  Hard Copy 
2016  September  India's Maritime Diplomacy and Chin's Silk Road  Hard Copy 
2016  October  Climate Change  Hard Copy 
2016  November  India's Foreign Policy - 1  Hard Copy 
2016  December  India's Foreign Policy - 2  Hard Copy