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World Focus is a premier Indo-centric foreign affairs journal since 1980. Today WF is an independent platform for discussion and analysis of International Issues with an Indian perspective. Policy analysts, policy-makers, experts, diplomats, distinguished scholars, decision-makers and persons of eminence write comprehensively and contribute to World Focus each month. World Focus focuses on current affairs, international affairs, economic diplomacy, foreign policy and national security issues. 

Over the course of almost four decades of presentation of important new ideas from leading thinkers, World Focus has established itself at the forefront of organizations devoted to the coverage of Indo-centric international affairs. Through World Focus journal, our website, and WF Events, World Focus reaches an international audience of millions and has become a trusted source of insight and analysis for leaders from government, business, finance, and the academic world.  WF is committed to continuing to innovate through partnerships that utilize new technologies, new media and creative new approaches to bring together those leaders to better understand and address the most urgent and important issues of our time. 

Today, World Focus is a trusted source for scholars and policy analysts to understand contemporary India's growth model and foreign policy perspectives. Many think-tanks across the world, regularly catalogue and use WF as a source material for preparing papers on political risk analysis.

World Focus, today, is at yet another exciting phase of transition. We take the opportunity to build on past successes and use new media to serve decision-makers in business, finance and government in ways that would further establish World Focus as the leader in its field.

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World Focus: 2018

Forthcoming issues with Deadlines for Submission of Articles (Words: 5,000) 

March 2018                    Shifting Equations in India's Neighbourhood (10th February) 

April 2018                       Global Power Rivalry & South China Sea Dispute (10th March)

May 2018                        India Japan Relations (10th April)

June 2018                       Impediments to Regional Co-operation: Illegal Cross-Border Migration (10th May) 

July 2018                        India and Global Centres of Power: US, EU, Japan, China and Russia(10th June)

August 2018                   Environment and Sustainable Development(10th July)

September 2018            India’s Growing Relations with US and Israel (10th August)

October 2018                 River Water Disputes and Regional Co-operation (10th September)

November 2018             India’s Foreign Policy (Series One) (10th October)

December 2018             India’s Foreign Policy (Series Two)  ( 10th November)                      


                                World Focus: Members of the Editorial Board 

Prof. Tridib Chakraborti, Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Mobile: 09748033582, Email:

Prof. Sushma Yadav, Professor of Public Policy & Governance, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Indraprastha Estate, Ring Road, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110002, Mobile: 9810074667, Email:

Prof. Mohammed Badrul Alam, Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Okhla, New Delhi. 110025, Mobile: 9313397023, Email:

Prof. R.B. Singh, Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007, Mobile: 9971950226, Email:

Prof.  Satish Kumar, Dept. of Political Science, Central University of Haryana, Jant-Pali, Mahendergarh, District, Pali, Haryana 123029, Mobile:  9313487857, Email:


G. Kishore Babu
Dr. Bhabani Dikshit
Stuti S. Mandala
Arundeep Singh 
Managing Editor
Associate Editor


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